Town Quay Park accessible from French Street and from High Street

With the completion and opening of the new accessible entrance to the Park from French Street, Town Quay Park has become accessible for users coming from French Street as well as the High Street, if they use wheelchairs, buggies or have issues with steps.

Southampton City Council had made some money available for the park development fund, and at the last Annual General Meeting, members overwhelmingly voted in favour of prioritising these changes to the park entrance. The council completed the work at the end of last year.

With the pathway to a sloping ramp leading to the lower part of the park and the High Street entrance, it should now be possible for a wheelchair user to go through the park from French Street to the High Street, and back again. It is an improvement that the Friends of Town Quay Park have been planning for some time, and will help with access to the FEPOW memorial as well.