Local sponsors plant trees for new Woodland Glade

Volunteer gardeners ensured that the ground and the newly planted trees were prepared for the tree planting by the various sponsors from the area.

Some children from St John’s school, next to the park, joined the other sponsors in digging a hole for the tree to be planted in. First was the Dancing Man pub, then Cafe Fumee (at the bottom of the High Street, opposite the park, on the corner of Telephone House). Ennio’s Hotel and Restaurant (Delicious Dining) had also sponsored a tree, together with the residents of Porters House flats.

As it was just before Christmas, the staff of Ennio’s came out of the restaurant with trays of mulled wine, orange juice, and warm mince pies.

Finally, all the sponsors who attended were photographed holding the plaques, which were attached to each tree.

As each tree grows, it will provide an attractive and shady woodland glade, with clear pathways marked out between the trees. In the meantime, the sponsors, who are all neighbours of Town Quay Park will be in a good position to watch their trees grow.