The Great Get Together 2018 – Picnic in the Park

July 24, 2018

A new feature of this annual event was Park Lives, who came along to organise games and sports for both young and old. The jazz band played, and also handed out small drums for people to play along. Older people either joined in with the music or the games, or else sat under the shade of the trees sharing memories, jokes, anecdotes and food from their picnics. Children also enjoyed the crafts, using stickers to make badges, and winning bubble wands when they completed the treasure hunt around the Park.

Once again, glorious sunshine made the day really enjoyable. The only drawback was that it coincided with the World Cup, and many people opted to stay indoors and watch the football. New friends were made, and membership forms were available to recruit new members. Cafe Fumee in the High Street kindly sent over bottles of cold water for the volunteers who prepared the park for the picnic, and these were gratefully received.