Tai Chi in the park & Love your Park tidy-up

July 23, 2011

Tai Chi is a very gentle Chinese martial art. It is a slow sequence of movements, all in a standing position, and is suitable for people of all ages from the young to seniors. There are many health benefits for those who practice regularly, especially as people get older.

Mr They and Bai Li from the Wu Tan Martial Arts School on St Mary’s Road led a session for an enthsiastic group of over 20 locals of various abilities; everyone enjoyed the experience, although some found it to be a little more of a work-out than they were perhaps expecting!

8-10 people stayed on after the Tai Chi session to help with tidying the borders. We selected 3 beds to work on and made a big difference after pulling weeds, cutting back brambles & digging over. Many thanks to all who helped.

We hope to be organising further Tai Chi sessions in the park in the future – please contact the committee if you are interested in taking part, or watch the website for announcements of dates for the next session.