Members of FTQP have reported that they are very concerned about Air Quality in the City Centre, particularly the Old Town, where Town Quay Park is located. Air pollution can affect people’s ability to enjoy the Park, and so FTQP take this issue very seriously. Southampton Council announced that a consultation would begin in June, and end in September, to allow members of the public to comment on their proposed Clean Air Zone. Clean Air Zones are areas where targeted action is taken to improve air quality. They are being introduced nationally to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide. A study by the Council suggests a charging scheme is needed in Southampton for the most polluting buses, coaches, taxis and heavy goods vehicles. Private cars would not be included in this scheme. Supporting measures are also proposed to protect the most vulnerable businesses and encourage uptake of cleaner vehicles. A final plan will be submitted to government in Autumn 2018, and residents have until 13th September to take part in the survey for the Clean Air Zone consultation.

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At the same time, the Clean Air campaign pressure group and Southampton Council have put pressure on ABP who run the docks in Southampton, to install electricity points for cruise ships to plug into. This would prevent them running their engines to keep lights, air conditioning and other electrical services going while they are in port, sending black smoke out of their funnels into the air around Southampton. Recently, ABP told the Council that they would be considering the installation of electrical charging points for cruise ships.

Friends of Town Quay Park welcome any initiatives which will improve air quality for park users and our neighbours.