Great Get Together – Picnic in the Park 2018

  • June 24, 2018
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  • Published by jack

This year’s picnic once again saw very sunny weather – the Band were glad of the gazebo for shade as they played jazz to the picnickers. Park Lives brought a number of outdoor games, and involved children and adults in various sports and activities. There were also crafts for the children, who made badges for themselves and their families. A quiz around the Park looking for clues amongst the plants to make up the phrase ‘Our Park’ proved very popular, and children won prizes of bubble wands and other small toys. Older park users sat in the shade of the trees and shared food, jokes and reminiscences. The Great Get Together takes place across the country each summer, with events intended to bring communities together in memory of the late Jo Cox MP, who was murdered while helping her constituents. The Great Get Together slogan ‘More in Common’ is taken from a phrase she used in her maiden speech in the House of Commons ‘We have more in common than that which divides us’.