The Mound

As part of the Park’s redevelopment plan, the Mound on the other side of French Street, next to the Dancing Man pub, was redesigned to provide a seating area for park users, and with rocks around the base for children to play. Some of the patrons of the Dancing Man sit at the top of the Mound with their drinks during nice weather. The park is owned by Southampton City Council, and there is no legal reason to prevent people taking their drinks up there, as the pub has an off-sales licence. However, as it is a public open space, we ask that drinkers return their glasses to the pub when they leave, and do not leave anything behind which could injure a child. Staff of the Dancing Man have worked very hard to clear the area and to ensure there is no broken glass left at the end of the evening.

If people wish to sit on the seats without purchasing drinks from the pub, they are very welcome, as it is a space meant for everyone to enjoy.

The Dancing Man has put new rope around the area which separates them from Town Quay Park.